February 5 – March 24, 2021

Roll Up Project is pleased to present collages by Eric Lendl. Lendl works with found objects in many media, including collage, sculpture and video. He draws inspiration from retro imagery, metaphysics, politics, philosophy, and more.

The diptych Sweet and Savory fills the Harrison Street window. The left panel features Kodachrome candy bars, cookies, stacks of ice cream sandwiches, and cakes arranged in a mandala composition. The dizzying array of choices seem uniquely American, and rooted in a midcentury moment of abundance and indulgence. Set against a punchy blue background, the honey tones of the pancakes, graham crackers, and Jell-o jump out at the viewer and demand attention.

In the right panel, savory treats take center stage. Cans of Pringles magically bend under the gravity of an orbit that includes hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, pizza, and chicken nuggets. In the context of the pandemic, Sweet and Savory takes on an added relevance, as comfort foods have lured back audiences who need a break from the strictures of healthy eating and the stresses of daily life. Lendl sees the work as a meditation on consumption in all forms.

In the Third Street windows, Hands of Time features a clock set to 9:05 resting in a cupped hand, which is nested in a series of larger hands. A vivid rainbow beams out of the top of the clock, grasped by another hand that extends off the canvas. Lendl uses color to guide the viewer through the stack of hands – a combination of black and white and color images – and up to the blast of color at the top of the composition. Set against a creamy white background, the composition looks like a column of energy, pointing upwards into infinity. It brings to mind conversations about metaphysics and changing perceptions of time.

About the Artist

Eric Lendl is a multimedia artist born in Oakland and currently based in Marin. His work uses found imagery to express past, present and future ways of being. Lendl’s collages, sculptures, and video works have been displayed at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Root Division, Gallery Route One, and SOMA ARTS, among others. He holds an MFA in photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. Lendl is also known for his work in the community as an art operations and services specialist.

Learn more about Eric Lendl’s work at his website.


Sweet and Savory, 2020
paper collage diptych under resin on artist-made panel
42 x 92 inches
photo courtesy of artist


Hands of Time, 2018
paper collage under resin on panel
24 x 18 inches
photo courtesy of artist