March 15 – April 17, 2019

Roll Up Project is pleased to present two installations by Sabine Reckewell. Reckewell creates site-specific installations using linear materials such as thread and nylon webbing. Stretched, draped, and hung in arcing arrangements, they create dimensional forms filled with light, shadow, and a sense of movement.


The Harrison Street window features Variant Curves (Blue). Sweeping curves of blue nylon straps twist and overlap, creating shapes reminiscent of ocean waves. Her minimalist approach to sculpture maintains a fine balance between precision and the handmade – despite the industrially produced materials and the mathematical precision of her parallel lines, the twisting straps and curving forms are inherently unique. The artist is essential to the shaping of the sculpture, and no two installations will be exactly the same.


Reckewell’s installation in the Third Street windows, entitled Variant Curves (Red), forms three deeply curved shapes that resemble 3-D brushstrokes. Warping, overlapping, and parallel straps capture the powerful linework of calligraphy and, in this modern era, computer generated renderings. Reckewell’s work hints at a specific moment or an action that only happens once. We, as viewers, have witnessed a movement frozen in space and time.


Reckewell’s installations often live in the architectural spaces we overlook. Filling up corners and spanning the rafters of tall rooms, the artworks help to describe unseen and underutilized volumes. Reckewell captures these spaces and envelops them in a colorful mesh.


About the artist

Sabine Reckewell’s artwork explores volume, movement, and architecture. Her installations have been displayed at many venues in the greater Bay Area, including the Berkeley Art Center, Sonoma State University Art Gallery, the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, and Chandra Cerrito Contemporary. Permanent installations include the Harmon Guest House, The Summit at Lantana, and Zoo Labs, among others. She lives and works in Napa, CA.

To learn more about Sabine Reckewell’s artwork, visit her website or Chandra Cerrito Contemporary.


Variant Curves (Blue), 2019
1″ royal blue nylon webbing, hooks
70 x 132 x 39 inches


Variant Curves (Red), 2019
1″ red polyester webbing, hooks
93 x 82 x 35 inches