Tom White

Escaparates Mios (My Shop Windows)

Renee Bott and Sam Carr-Prindle

Aida Gamez, Water Stations, on view at Roll Up Project, 2019

Aida Gamez

Stephen Whisler, Stealth 1, on view at Roll Up Project, 2019

Stephen Whisler

Bombers and Bombs

Jerry Leisure

Crossing the T

Tallulah Terryll

Frances Lerner

A Sampling of Knots

Sabine Reckewell, Variant Curves (Red), 2019, Roll Up Project

Sabine Reckewell

Variant Curves

Ann Meade Two Cats Roll Up Project 2019

Ann Meade, Luis Estrada, and Dorrie Reid

Two Cats | Trio!

Joy Broom, Roll Up Project 2019

Joy Broom

Ancestral Narratives