Dennis Luedeman

Sam Perry, Spiral Apart, 2007

Sam Perry

Maria Porges, Mashups

Maria Porges


Tom Franco & Alan Chin

Born in the Bay

Julia Couzens, Flip the Spin, 2022

Julia Couzens

Flip the Spin

Gina Telcocci, Power of Flower, 2017

Gina Telcocci

Fabricating Futures & Involuntary Gestures

Kari Marboe, Reiterate, 2019

Kari Marboe

Duplicating Daniel

Renetta Sitoy, The Snack Thief, 2020, on view at Roll Up Project, 2021

Renetta Sitoy

Ricki Dwyer, First Impressions, 2020

Ricki Dwyer

Kyle Lypka and Tyler Cross