Nemo Gould

Trigger Warning

Johanna Poethig, Extremophile, 2022

Johanna Poethig


Dennis Luedeman

Sam Perry, Spiral Apart, 2007

Sam Perry

Maria Porges, Mashups

Maria Porges


Tom Franco & Alan Chin

Born in the Bay

Julia Couzens, Flip the Spin, 2022

Julia Couzens

Flip the Spin

Gina Telcocci, Power of Flower, 2017

Gina Telcocci

Fabricating Futures & Involuntary Gestures

Kari Marboe, Reiterate, 2019

Kari Marboe

Duplicating Daniel

Renetta Sitoy, The Snack Thief, 2020, on view at Roll Up Project, 2021

Renetta Sitoy