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Kathryn Kenworth

In Stores Now

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo

Living Together and on Top of Each Other

Julia Couzens, Flip the Spin, 2022

Julia Couzens

Flip the Spin

Renetta Sitoy, The Snack Thief, 2020, on view at Roll Up Project, 2021

Renetta Sitoy

Ricki Dwyer, First Impressions, 2020

Ricki Dwyer

Sabine Reckewell, Variant Curves (Red), 2019, Roll Up Project

Sabine Reckewell

Variant Curves

Marissa Geoffroy, 63 Girard Ave III, Roll Up Project, 2018

Marissa Geoffroy

Cast Shadows of Home

Linda Geary, Slowdown, Roll Up Project, 2018

Linda Geary

Slowdown Summer