Renee Bott and Sam Carr-Prindle

Tallulah Terryll

Frances Lerner

A Sampling of Knots

Ann Meade Two Cats Roll Up Project 2019

Ann Meade, Luis Estrada, and Dorrie Reid

Two Cats | Trio!

Joy Broom, Roll Up Project 2019

Joy Broom

Ancestral Narratives

Lin Fischer, White Tears, Roll Up Project, 2018

Lin Fischer

Lily Simonson, Lamellibrachia, Roll Up Project, 2018

Lily Simonson

The Bottom of the World

Frank Cole, Gulf Shores High Tide, Roll Up Project, 2018

Frank Cole

Inside and Out (On This Exact Spot)

Livia Stein Blue Monster Roll Up Project 2017

Livia Stein

Unexpected Pleasures

Uniform Language by Stephanie Peek, Roll Up Project

Stephanie Peek

Uniform Language